Thursday, January 13, 2005

Here I am

So, today was Inset Day and we had the day off, so me and my mates went into Hastings (which is mentioned in 50 Crappest Towns in Britain). In Tammy, the shop assistant like sooo was suspicious that we were skiving, like asking us which school we went to, and was it really an inset day? Like, none of your business!!! Anyway, if you were skiving, like you'd waltz around Priory Meadow, saying Good Morning to all the police officers walking around!!! God!
Anyway, I bought: a funky cowgirl hat which I rescued from the bargain bin in Topshop. It cost five quid and I got this pencilcase free which I gave to my mate Suze. I got a charm bracelet and three charms: a fairy, an ugg boot and a shoe in Claire's Accesories. I got Ashlee Simpson's album in Virgin cos I love her new single LaLa. Plus, me, Holz, Suze, Jess and Lottie bought all these teddy bears (£1 each) in Claire's, like a friendship thing. Then the woman at the counter told us you can buy ten things for five quid. So Holz bought four extra £1 things. So we had to cart around these huge bags of teddies all day!!!
Oh plus, we all crammed into a tiny photobooth for a piccy. Even though I paid the two quid out of three-fifty, holz for some reason took the photo home, but she's bringing it in to show everyone tommorow.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Me again

Hi its me. My throat still really hurts. Jodie came over a while ago because we were both really bored. She (like me) has a new mobile. Its a 3 through with video messaging and stuff. We watched Moulin Rouge and then she left at half five.
I think maybe I should talk about something important. On Boxing Day, as everyone knows, a tsunami occured in Asia and many, many people were killed or injured and and thousands are still missing. To donate some desperately needed money, please click on this link: I have donated all of my pocket money. Of course its hardly anything, but its still something, and I believe everyone should make a donation. Disease threatens Asia. Millions are homeless and they desperately need help.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Poorly :(

Three more days until Purgatory...thats what my mate Holly just texted me. Of course by 'Purgatory' she means 'School'. And at the moment, I am not very well!!! I have a sore throat and a headache and a cold. My mum may not let me go to my cousin's to sleep over. I have already had some Calpol. Yum.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


I'm so borrrrrred. My mum and sister have gone to see The Phantom Of The Opera. My dad and I went to Tenterden this morning, and he started talking about moving there!!!! I was just like :O. NO WAY!!!! I can't wont and never will until Freedom in Yr 11 leave Claverham. OK, so Tenterden is really nice, it has a Woolworths, a Boots and a WHSmith. But still!!! It's like, an HOUR'S drive from Sedlescombe. No.Way.Jose.
Sooo...I am just on the internet, surfin', listening to Gwen Stefani's album. Does ANYONE have any good websites?

Maybe we should move to Australia. Or Tenterden. If I said we were moving to the moon, maybe you'd like to move to Australia a bit more?

Thursday, December 30, 2004

I had a nice christmas!

Well the day after my last post we set off on our long, seven-hour journey to Mullion, Cornwall. We left at about half seven and it was still quite dark. I was really excited as it was the day before Christmas Eve and I had asked for a new mobile as my current one was old, big and black and white. We played the Pub Legs game on the way for the first two hours. There are two people and they sit on the right and left respectively. I was on the right so I had to look out for pubs on the right, my sister vice versa. So if the pub was called 'The Three Sailors' you would get six points as there are six legs between the sailors. My sister and I equalised with twelve points each. We got on to the motorway and it was quite quiet but light now it was about ten o clock. We kept passing my cousins and one time Alice was asleep! Finally we stopped at Exeter Service Station. Me and my cousins, auntie and mum all sat at a table and ate whilst David and Dad read their newspapers. When me and hannah and alice went to the toilet I noticed there was a little vending machine of chewable toothbrushes! You got two for a pound. My mum entered two quid in the slot and four popped out. We all took one each but there was one left as my sister refused so I took it. They were really weird!
The journey there was so boring when we got back in the car but we did see Stonehenge which was spectacular. We finally got to the house. It was in Newton Livery and Stables. The air stank of manure and all round there were horses. My cousin Alice, who loves them, was very excited. My sister moaned and had to be dragged out the car. The house was draughty and cool. Downstairs there was a tiny hallway, then a largeish Kitchen/Dining area, that lead onto a bathroom, a double bedroom, and a double bedroom with an tiny ensuite bathroom. My sister took the double without the ensuite and my parents took the one with. Upstairs there was a largeish living room leading onto an almost identical but lighter hallway with a bathroom, double bedroom and triple bedroom. David and Phillipa took the double and me, hannah and alice took the triple. It was easily the best bedroom, light with pink wallpaper and two windows, one overlooking the stables and one overlooking the entrance. Although our radiator was on, the room was freezing cold. I chose the middle bed, hannah the left bed and Alice the right bed which was next to a cot, in which she put green bear in and covered him with a pink towel we had each recieved on our beds.
I unpacked all my things and my clothes and soon it was about half six. We walked to a pub named the New Inn which was about fifteen minutes walk away. It was cold and dark and we had to carry a torch. We arrived and the pub was warm and quite crowded but we managed to find seperate tables near each other. After the meal, alice and I stroked the resident tabby cat named Scampi. He was so sweet!
We left at about eight and went to bed early as we were all tired. Then was Christmas Eve, on which we explored Mullion, but it rained and rained. Then Christmas Day came and I recieved: a flippy mobile camera phone, a rabbit calendar, a leather journal, FCUK body wash, clothes, books etc. We left yesterday early. We were supposed to be leaving today but there was nothing to do so here I am!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First day of Christmas holidays

Busy, busy, busy here in Sedlescombe. I've just returned from dropping Boo off at Shelleys' house. I still need to pack all my stuff up. But I need to rest! I'm using my lovely yellow Celine copy handbag from Accesorize for the journey, then my pink Matthew Williamson bag I got for my birthday from Debenhams. It's got loads of brooches and badges on it, but unfortunately they keep falling off.
Yellow bag:

  1. CD player
  2. CDs
  3. Book
  4. Chewing gum
  5. Lip gloss
  6. My luvly cartoon dollies!! :)
  7. Mobile (new one for xmas though)

Pink bag:

  1. Hairbrush
  2. Make up in Nancy Blue bag from Oxford Street TopShop which cost me 20 QUID!!!
  3. L'OREAL Studio Line Paris Hot Straight cream
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Book (not too many get some for Xmas!)
  6. Charger
  7. Pad
  8. Pens
  9. Diary
  10. hairties

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

LaLa Land!!

Today was SUCH a laugh. I went to school with tinsel tied round my waist, with my pink stripy socks, wand and my sister's wings. I had my own wings, but the strap snapped almost as soon as I bought the damn things. Plus the glitter gets everywhere and they went all spaz and twisted when I put them on. Then I remembered my sister had a really nice pair of wings she used for some pantomine. I borrowed them as couple of months ago for some halloween party. But my sister had slept at her mates house the night before so she wasnt there so I couldn't ask her permission, but I wore them anyway! Then when I got home she was downstairs I crept up and shoved them in her wardrobe!! She saw me loads all day but didn't recognise them!! Holidays yessss!! Gotta start packing!